To promote the joy of HO scale model railroading in southwestern Idaho

Monday, September 12, 2005

Vol 1 Issue 7 September Newsletter

Vol. 1 Issue 7                                  PO Box 545  Kuna, ID 83634                   September 2005                                                                            

Our club modular layout is wired. With the  expertise of member Jeremy Light and his son Darby we have a fully wired modular layout. Jeremy was at our July meeting and did a fantastic job of wiring up one of the modules to our “specs”. With donated wire from Jeremy and connectors from Bill Sandrus the modules will be very simple to hook up and very durable and reliable thanks to all the detail Jeremy put into wiring A HUGE THANK YOU to Jeremy for all his hard work on the wiring!
Ken Young has been MOST GENEROUS to us AGAIN by donating Shinohara switches, including curved switches and one of those beautiful double crossovers. Guys this crossover is a work of art and we will need to utilize it on a prime spot on one of the modules where everyone can see it.  Did you know, fellas, to date almost everything we have has been donated by someone in the club including lumber, labor, cork, flex track, structures, rolling stock and scenery materials? THANK YOU TO KEN YOUNG AND ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS! We will have a beautiful layout with all our donations and hard work!
Ida-HO Model Railroaders is still seeking anyone interested in becoming a member of our HO gauge train club. We meet monthly during most of the year and will be building on our modular layout. MEMBERSHIP IS FREE and we encourage families. Write us at the above address or e-mail at :   

On Saturday afternoon, Larry Thomas, Jeremy Light, Maurice Allen, Ben Bolshaw and Bill and Julie Sandrus(thank you Bill and Julie for supplying pizza!) met at my home to set up and run the modular layout for the first time. We encountered a couple of small issues but before dark we were running trains! I am so glad that we did the test run BEFORE our first showing next Friday as we did fine a bad connector on a corner module, a wiring issue with my lambert mainline switches and another corner modulr that has a weak joint in the framwork. Jeremy was able to “bridge” the wiring issues for us and I will reinforce the corner this week with a block behind and screws and glue. Considering this was the FIRST TIME EVER that the entire layout(well all but 2 unfinished modules)has been assembled I was very impressed with how easy it went together and how well it performed. I will be cutting some new transition tracks this week to fill some gaps in the mainline tracks, but other than these few little things it appears that it will serve us and spectators quite well. ALL WHO HAVE WORKED ON ONE OR MORE OF THESE MODULES AND ALL THE PREPARATION DESERVE A SPECIAL THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR EFFORTS! We have a long way to go but that is the beauty of model railroading, that we are never really finished.
Please help me in welcoming our newest IMR member, Mike Ravine of Kuna. According to Kara DeWitt, Mike has a fabulous layout and his information card says he is a craftsman. We can learn a lot from this experience. Welcome Mike!!
Take a look at our web-site and the pictures below to see the incredible progress Bill Sandrus has made over the hot summer months on his beautiful PRR Horseshoe Curve layout! Bill has worked very hard on his sub-roadbed and cork and use top quality materials as well to make a great base for his trackwork. Bill plans on laying some mainline track next and I just know that is layout will perform flawlessly when he begins operation because he has taken the time and expense to include a high level of quality into his foundation. (photography by Heidi Ann)
(image placeholder)
(image placeholder)
(image placeholder)
I just discovered a wonderful new train store right here in Boise. It is so exciting to see a new store here that caters to our needs. It’s called Model Train Warehouse and they are at 5555 Glenwood Street in Boise. That is in the Ashland Business Park across from the west end of the Western Idaho Fairgrounds. I was very impressed with their variety of locomotives and rolling stock in both HO and N gauge and all of it at 20-30% off retail! They carry the high end names like Kato, Intermountain, Red Caboose and Atlas along with Athearn Genesis and I was told that they are happy to order anything we should need! Owner Richard Schenck encouraged us to supply him with some newsletters and I will get them over there later this week. Store hours are M-F 9-4 and they can be reached at 866-914-2014 and select option 2. Stop by and check it out!
(photography by Heidi Ann)
(image placeholder)Corner module with turntable and roundhouse.
Hard to believe that just a few weeks ago this is what we had done! This module along with 9 others are now all joined together in my garage and trains are running on them!
Our little old hometown club and layout are growing like crazy and we are all excited at the progress.
THANK YOU to all of you for your continued patience, hard work, dedication and donations. We share a common interest and more than that, we share a lasting and ever-growing FRIENDSHIP!
Remember our goal: “To Promote the Joy of HO Model Railroading in the Treasure Valley”


  • At 4:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The person who developedmthis sight is a wonder I think her name is Heidi Ann great job

  • At 10:59 AM, Anonymous jerry gridley said…

    I owe the Railroad community an apology.

    I think that I did not fully convey an idea, or the new concept, and because of this I offended many of my fellow railroaders.

    I would like to explain how I feel about the model railroad community. To me the model railroad community is all encompassing. It includes anyone that has an interest in model railroading no mater; to what degree they are participating.

    The National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) is the nucleus that set the standards, making it possible for the community to exist, for with out the NMRA, model railroading would not be where it is today. And they are now and will always be the nucleus of this community. Politics within the organization has had it’s up and downs, mainly because you cannot please all the people all the time. But the association has its standing place.

    Clubs, I feel is a blessing for many of us in the model Railroad community. I for one do not have the room in my home for a layout, nor would I be able to afford by myself that which we have accomplished together. For this reason I travel about nine miles to attend my club twice a week

    Why the International community of model railroaders?
    Because of computers, of which most are connected to the Internet, which is creating a new era. An era of information and technology.

    What will happen if we decide not to go with the new era at this time?
    I certainly can not answer that question, however when the era of the horse and carriage changed to the era of mechanics, the blacksmith did not do well, however at the same time, Fisher body company, builders of luxury Stage coaches accepted the new era and changed their concept and started building automobile bodies. Ever hear of General Motors? (I’m getting carried away)

    Now, the technology is there, so why not come together and learn from one another. We are not, nor do we want to be another NMRA, they are the nucleus and always will be. Nor do we want to be a club, they have their purpose and I personally look forward to being a member of a club close to me. I’m not offering something free. There are no free lunches in this world, for an example if you use yahoo free web site program, you are a vehicle for them to put on a menu, which covers a third of your web page, and pop ups keep appearing (I’m getting carried away again).

    We, you, them, they, who use the model railroad community has the opportunity to come together as a community, no holds barred, and verbally communicate with each other.
    The NMRA would still be our nucleus, and the clubs would still be our local strength, the International community of Railroaders would be the communication for information. As we build there will be someone with our interest to talk to 24/7.

    Our webmaster has just reformulated the web site and it is hoped that it will explain what we the whole model railroad community coming together will be able to experience and enjoy. Please log on to:
    I would like your input and comments concerning this concept. Feel free to get back with me at my personal email address
    Thank You
    Jerry Gridley, I will be in the voice room quite often and will bee there almost full time between Sept 11th and Sept 17th. My sign in name is jerryG So come aboard railroaders, Please let’s make this a success.


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